Team Managers

Team Managers are essential to the success of a season. They provide the foundation and organization for the participants – our children – and the volunteers that coach and support a team. No sport, and especially hockey can exist without the participation of parents who support the team either through managing, team scheduling, team budgeting, scoring, fund-raising, tournament participation, or timekeeping. To simply drop your kids off at the rink and let other parents do all the work is not an option.

At the center of this activity is the Team Manager whose role is not the execution of all of these activities but the Coordinator and Organizer of activities.

We recommend that Team Managers assign duties to other parents on the team on either a permanent basis – some can handle the budget while another does the scheduling – or on a rotating basis – timekeeping.

The Leeds Chargers have made a significant investment in the tools and resources required by the parents who manage teams. The Leeds Chargers have secured an organization-wide subscription to TeamSnap so that Managers have a tool to manage their teams. It will serve as the primary resource to teams. All parents can download the TeamSnap App as well that will help Team Managers with communication on scheduling and duties. In September we will hold some training session on TeamSnap to better enable Team Managers to use this tool to run teams – scheduling, team communication and assign volunteer duties.

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